Are you looking for new ways to expand your income? Well, in this world of online services, earning money through the internet is not as difficult as it seems, but only if you know how to convert your valuable time into resources.

Bizgurukul Review

 Multiple businesses are looking forward to connecting with passionate and dedicated individuals like you to promote their services using affiliate marketing techniques. One such platform is BizGurukul, which has created quite a buzz in the market.

What is BizGurukul?

Bizgurul is a platform that helps talented internet marketers to make more money online by creating a personal brand. As social media is an indispensable tool these days, businesses use these mediums to connect with their prospects and customers.

 Thus, they look for individuals who have an excellent connection circle, and their word of mouth carries some weightage. This is only possible through personal branding. BizGurukul teaches an individual how to turn their name into a brand, build a strong image, become a leader, and star on social media platforms.

A brand of Gyankosh Education, BizGurukul, is an e-learning platform providing excellent and efficient skill development courses. These courses are divided into subsections, each of which focuses on helping an individual become a successful entrepreneur, how to develop a career or business, how to brand themselves to earn from social media.

BizGurukul affliates

Though the focus of BizGurukul is to help individuals create personal brands. They also offer these individuals opportunities to become an affiliate marketer: promote their courses and earn money in this process.

Apart from that, it is also an effective platform that bridges the gap between experts of different professions, niches, and fields, and people/customers who are looking to grow in a similar field. By connecting them, the individuals get a mentor who will guide them through the process.

Benefits of BizGurukul:

Enrolling in the BizGurukul courses will assist you in building a strong identity on social media platforms. The course is jam-packed with essential resources and insights required by any individual to create a strong identity in the digital world. If you are someone who doesn’t have many followers and would like to become the face of a brand, you will have to learn to sell yourself first. This is exactly what the courses at BizGurukul teach you. Here are some of the benefits of taking the courses from BizGurukul.

1. Helps you succeed

BizGurukul instills in you a strong will to achieve your goals. You will be working with and among some of the most talented and motivated individuals in the industry. Their skills and passion for their work will motivate you to keep working hard. Through their valuable training system, the coaches help individuals emerge out as a winner in life.

2. Best commitment values

BizGurukul is a customer-centric organization. This means that they work to provide the best experience to their customers in all spheres. They have a strong work culture wherein the customer is given the utmost importance, and customer satisfaction is their primary objective.

3. Moral-oriented company

At BizGurukul, you will find that honesty, along with a strict moral code is followed. When there is transparency between customers and service providers, you can expect great things to happen. 

4. Makes you a better individual

BizGurukul has helped hundreds of individuals to shape their lives by giving them proper guidance through these courses. It has helped improve the thought-process, strategy formulation, and business skills in every individual. It has helped people with low self-confidence gain a steady ground by turning their passion to profession.

5. Continuous learning

A successful person is someone who learns something new every day. At BizGurukul, you will never face a lack of information. There will always be something new to learn every day. This would help you be a better version of yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BizGurukul:

Every product or service comes with an estimated set of pros and cons that shouldn’t be neglected. While for BizGurukul, there are more pros than cons, yet it is essential to draw up a comparison between them. It would help you decide whether you want to avail of their services or not.

Pros of BizGurukul – 

  • Good for beginner affiliate marketers: If you are new to the affiliate marketing field and are just learning the tactics and basics of this field, BizGurukul is an excellent way to start. Since it does not require a lot of investment and is easy to use and understand, it will be an ideal choice.
  • Worth the money: You will get the value for your money when you choose this course. It is worth the investment as it offers a lot more than what it asks from you.
  • Good consumer support: Forget the days when you had to wait for hours to connect with a customer support executive. The BizGurukul consumer support system is active and helpful. Should you face any problems or have any queries, you can ring them up at any time.
  • Multi-lingual: Those interested in pursuing affiliate marketing but can’t do so because they don’t know English can also learn a lot from this course. Since they provide their courses in the Hindi language, every user can benefit from this platform. 
  • Affordable: One of the most significant advantages of this course is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this platform. You will get an opportunity to earn money here as well.
  • Easy to understand: The affiliate training is done in a simple method, and the tone used to explain the stuff is understandable. 
  • Essential webinars: There are multiple webinars conducted by BizGurukul on Personality development, self-discipline, and affiliate marketing.

Cons of BizGurukul –

  • Single sales Page: They don’t have a separate sales page for products and affiliates, so it becomes a bit tricky for beginners to access both.
  • No refund: Once you have enrolled yourself in the batch, you cannot get a refund if you decide to drop this course midway. 

Plans Offered By BizGurukul:

Actively, there are three types of plans offered by BizGurukul now. All of them are made up of different course-breakups and come with a variety of benefits. Here is the breakup of all the three plans and what you can get with each of them.

Bizgurukul pricing

1. Gold

  • Cost: 2999/-
  • Commission: 2000/-

The most affordable program in this course, this package offers adequate knowledge and information about the marketing industry.

It will guide you properly by providing you everything you need to know when you step into affiliate marketing. In this package, you will also receive step-by-step support to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

 You get access to meet all the members of BizGurukul and learn from them. These members will teach you important aspects of business, such as lead generation, how to sell, dealing with clients, improving communication skills, and, most importantly, personality development.

You will be under the guidance of Mr. Rohit Sharma, the renewed business coach who has helped more than 25,000 people achieve their career objectives.

2. Platinum

  • Cost: 9999/-
  • Commission: 6999/-

Under the platinum program, you will get more information about marketing and other essential skills. This package teaches you how to become a master public speaker, storyteller, and influencer. Under the guidance of Mr. Keshave Lal, the best-selling author, and a leading businessman.

3. Diamond

This package has not yet been launched, but we can expect a more power-packed scheme in this one that covers all the basic and advanced training levels to become a successful entrepreneur or digital marketer. 

BizGurukul: A Detailed Review

BizGurukul is an excellent platform for individuals who aim to make it big in the marketing world. Anyone who seeks to become an influencer or coach will benefit highly from this course. Apart from that, if you are someone new to the business world, you will gain useful insights and immense knowledge from this course.

Biz Gurukul Honest review

A great number of people who had no idea about affiliate marketing or business skills took this course and walked out with lots of motivation, ideas, and strategies filled in their heads. When used correctly by experienced and dedicated internet marketers, BizGurukul can change the course of affiliate marketing in India. It helps bring value to individuals and teach them how to make money online.

Apart from that, it also has a particular affiliate program where the students can practice what they have learned so far. It offers a reasonable commission on the sales, so the students don’t have to go far for gaining clients.

Every marketer in this field is very helpful and would guide you through every step of your journey. The successful people in this program reveal their tricks to become successful so you can learn a lot.

Final Words:

To sum up, we can say that BizGurukul is a one-time investment program that offers multiple values and various benefits in exchange for a little sum. There is a heap of knowledge that can be gained through this platform.

Apart from that, the commissions keep pouring in tremendously if you can use your affiliate marketing skills to promote BizGurukul services in the right way. It is an effective way to earn money online and a significant initial step towards affiliate marketing.